Wind turbine active!


Peter and Gordon from the Solar Shop in South Australia  (and their wives) spent a couple of hours today connecting up the regulator and the turbine into our system today, so we're now fully juiced! 


Check it out! ;-) There is actually a slight turbine whine as it ramps up, but you can't hear it over the wind on the camera, and in person, its barely audible unless standing quite close to the turbine.


Yay, got adsense & analytics working together again!

For about a month, the adsense clicks and impressions have stopped showing up in my google account, and its been driving me batty tryig to figure out what it was.

I finally found it last night, a tiny setting in the drupal google analytics module in advanced settings where is says "Track AdSense ads - If checked, your AdSense ads will be tracked in your Google Analytics account."

Wind turbine finally on its pole

After about a 6 month delay, the wind turbine tower was delivered last week. Of course, that was just a tease!

Today we finally got the wind turbine installed, as the pics show, but the actual regulator etc still needs to be done, then it will be all working.

Looking forward to seeing it all working, but at least now we can see what it looks like.

Wood heater installed

We got our new Nectre 15 wood heater from last night, and I woke up this morning all enthused ready to install it.

However, the Flue kit instructions expected you to have a ceiling, and we dont, as its a shed. I couldn't figure it out, and was about to give up and call an installer, but after contemplating for a while, I thought I had it, and anyway, "what the heck, i'll give it a go".

Wallpaper scaling

I had a whole bunch of wallpapers lying around, but they were all different sizes, which really looks screwy on a dual screen setup.

The attached perl script reads through all images in $HOME/Pictures.original/ and creates new copies in $HOME/Pictures/ as the specified image size in the file.

By setting the image size to exactly the size of one of the dual screen monitors (this assumes identical resolutions on both screens), and running the script, the backgrounds then work nicely.