Wind turbine finally on its pole

After about a 6 month delay, the wind turbine tower was delivered last week. Of course, that was just a tease!

Today we finally got the wind turbine installed, as the pics show, but the actual regulator etc still needs to be done, then it will be all working.

Looking forward to seeing it all working, but at least now we can see what it looks like.

Wood heater installed

We got our new Nectre 15 wood heater from last night, and I woke up this morning all enthused ready to install it.

However, the Flue kit instructions expected you to have a ceiling, and we dont, as its a shed. I couldn't figure it out, and was about to give up and call an installer, but after contemplating for a while, I thought I had it, and anyway, "what the heck, i'll give it a go".

Wallpaper scaling

I had a whole bunch of wallpapers lying around, but they were all different sizes, which really looks screwy on a dual screen setup.

The attached perl script reads through all images in $HOME/Pictures.original/ and creates new copies in $HOME/Pictures/ as the specified image size in the file.

By setting the image size to exactly the size of one of the dual screen monitors (this assumes identical resolutions on both screens), and running the script, the backgrounds then work nicely.

WD Raptor failure ;-(

Got into the office this morning, and the core vmware host server is down, the mirror for the boot drive barfed at around 60% when synchronising after a power failure.

Oh well, thats what mirroring is for after all, disconnected it and rebooted. nothing. no Grub nada. After running around getting a boot disk organised, making sure grub was installed etc, it STILL didn't work.


After a bit more hair tearing, I realised the BIOS had promoted the wrong drive when i removed the dud one. Doh. Of course the data drives dont have grub on them at all.

Twitter + Drupal + Pidgin

You've been hearing a lot about it in the news, and you're only going to hear more and more. If your business isn't looking into twitter, you're missing a boat thats growing massively -

There are ways you can take advantage of twitter, the great thing about twitter is that you dont have to have a long spiel about what you've been doing. This, and other "blogs" i've done do take time, and a real concerted effort to do. Twitter "tweets" are a lot more casual.

Had enough tree planting for today!

We had about 435 to do, i reckon we got about half done this morning.

My knees ache. my back aches. Argh, i'm getting old.

If anyone is interested, we planted tubes of:

ACACIA brachybotra
ACACIA calamitolia
ACACIA hakeoides
ACACIA pycnantha
ACACIA sclerophylla

DODONAEA viscosa spatulata

EUCALYPTUS brachycalyx
EUCALYPTUS incrassata
EUCALYPTUS fasciculosa

MELALEUCA lanceolata

Oh well, time to go for a ride on the mighty Husky I reckon!


Picked up some trees, ready to plant this weekend.

Went to Trees for life this morning and picked up a bunch of trees from their excess stock to get our planting really started.

That should keep us busy for the weekend!

Took a couple of snaps of the back of the Forester filled with them.

Not sure how we're going to get all of the family home tonight, since trees are taking up the whole car.