Wood heater installed

We got our new Nectre 15 wood heater from http://www.pecan-eng.com.au/ last night, and I woke up this morning all enthused ready to install it.

However, the Flue kit instructions expected you to have a ceiling, and we dont, as its a shed. I couldn't figure it out, and was about to give up and call an installer, but after contemplating for a while, I thought I had it, and anyway, "what the heck, i'll give it a go".

Jetfire Heater

As we're living in a shed at the moment, and we needed a heater, I thought something a bit "industrial" would be ok. After some research, we purchased a "Jetfire" heater, which sure does throw out a lot of heat!

Trouble is, our shed is like 3.6metres high, so lots of warmth is a the top. Still, a HEAP better than no heater at all, with the nights getting closer and closer to 0C

Chook/dog cage

Well, it will be for the dogs to start with, chooks down the track. Its big enough to split in two if we have to ;-)

Attached pics show progress. Most happened in the last two days.

Just a couple more sheets of iron to attach tomorrow, and make the door latch properly, then its done.

Shed's looking good now


Haven't posted any pics or anything for a while, as we've been madly moving into the shed. There are some photo's attached to show that it looks pretty comfy ;-)


So we are now living entirely on solar power, we were a little worried that we wouldn't have enough, but we have a fridge & freezer running all the time. TV at nights, Kettle, Iron & Vacuum running when required, and computer running most of the time as well.


Wall cladding

Started cladding the walls of one bedroom today, did all the outside, except for the bit where the door is going. Doors arrive this week, so should be able to put them in next weekend.

Plumbing should be this/next week, electrical shortly as well for some powerpoints and lights.

Simon Lindsay

Wall building in the shed

Having a couple of weeks off at the moment to build out the walls in the Shed where we'll be living while the house is built. This is some pics of the work so far. Since these, we've jioned the walls to the shed directly, which straightens things up a bit. The plumber is coming end of this week. No, its not "Joe the plumber".. ;-)