Web filtering

Recently on a mailing list, somone asked about setting up web filtering for children.

While nothing beats supervision, som fairly effective and simple webfiltering can be setup on a linux based pc by combining squid with the jesred redirector.

Basically, create the jesred files as follows in /etc/squid and add the lines from the bottom file into your squid.conf. This plus std tranparent proxying does quite a good job. Yes, I know theres very easy ways around it, but by the time the kids figure that out, you're not going to stop them anymore ;-)

Extreme Kayaking?

Thought i'd try using Google maps to plan my flight from Sydney to Tokyo, but it uses land based transport, so it doesn't really work.

However,  Michael did notice that Kayaking is part of the route proposed ;-)

Framing complete.

The framers have finished, and tidied up. Next is the roof, bricks and windows.

The Wolke block fairy visited yesterday when we were at work while the Termimesh guy was here.

Truck with brikie sand woke us up this morning, so shouldn't be long.

Chook/dog cage

Well, it will be for the dogs to start with, chooks down the track. Its big enough to split in two if we have to ;-)

Attached pics show progress. Most happened in the last two days.

Just a couple more sheets of iron to attach tomorrow, and make the door latch properly, then its done.

Shed's looking good now


Haven't posted any pics or anything for a while, as we've been madly moving into the shed. There are some photo's attached to show that it looks pretty comfy ;-)


So we are now living entirely on solar power, we were a little worried that we wouldn't have enough, but we have a fridge & freezer running all the time. TV at nights, Kettle, Iron & Vacuum running when required, and computer running most of the time as well.