Thought i'd better put up a post with some bricks on it.

Stuck in a pic I took at dawn as well, cause it was cool.

Ban on the sale of youth off-highway vehicles

I've posted on my dirt bike website about this, but its worth promoting more (please crosspost, link, retweet etc).

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has made available a video public service announcement (PSA) regarding the current ban on the sale of youth off-highway vehicles (OHVs), which includes motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, intended for kids 12 and under.

Please view the video here, and take action if you are an enthusiast!


Youtube API

I've been working with the Youtube API - - over the weekend, and have discovered that the documentation is not exactly up to date, and some things just dont work.

I may have to resort to the Drupal module - - Even though it looks a little neglected, at least I can fix and send patches back to that.

Anybody else used either and would like to compare notes?

Google friend connect

Google's catchup to facebook connect is in action still, with updates/releases to the API made yesterday to allow better integration with other services.

In particular I was interested in using it with Drupal, and found this post: which was just updated on the 12th, so should be a very good introduction, and there is a drupal module already, which is great.

I'll try it out later and write another blog post.

Drupalcon sessions

Lots of the drupalcon sessions are already uploaded to the Internet Archive, if there was a session you missed, check it out here.


Unfortunately, hotel bandwidth sucks, so I'll have to wait until home in Australia.


Pictures from Trellon's stand @ Drupalcon

As Drupalcon was finishing today (apart from the code sprint), I thought i'd grab some quick photos of the central conference area. Theres not many people about in the first ones, but in the later ones you can see it a little busier, but still a way off the peak.

A great time was had by all, and many of them are out celebrating right now.

Web filtering

Recently on a mailing list, somone asked about setting up web filtering for children.

While nothing beats supervision, som fairly effective and simple webfiltering can be setup on a linux based pc by combining squid with the jesred redirector.

Basically, create the jesred files as follows in /etc/squid and add the lines from the bottom file into your squid.conf. This plus std tranparent proxying does quite a good job. Yes, I know theres very easy ways around it, but by the time the kids figure that out, you're not going to stop them anymore ;-)

Extreme Kayaking?

Thought i'd try using Google maps to plan my flight from Sydney to Tokyo, but it uses land based transport, so it doesn't really work.

However,  Michael did notice that Kayaking is part of the route proposed ;-)

Framing complete.

The framers have finished, and tidied up. Next is the roof, bricks and windows.

The Wolke block fairy visited yesterday when we were at work while the Termimesh guy was here.

Truck with brikie sand woke us up this morning, so shouldn't be long.