We got our new Nectre 15 wood heater from http://www.pecan-eng.com.au/ last night, and I woke up this morning all enthused ready to install it.

However, the Flue kit instructions expected you to have a ceiling, and we dont, as its a shed. I couldn't figure it out, and was about to give up and call an installer, but after contemplating for a while, I thought I had it, and anyway, "what the heck, i'll give it a go".

So, after cutting a hole in the roof and thinking "uh oh, looks like rain", spending about 30 minutes on top of the shed roof perched precariously sealing up the top, its all installed. Lucky I bought some new Tin snips yesterday, if i'd been using the old ones, i'd still be up there!

Took about 3 hours to install all up, but about half of that was figuring out how to mount the cieling box, given we dont really have a ceiling in the shed.

Turned out alright, and already, the shed is way warmer than before.

Pics attached