Run drush as a specific user?

Some contrib modules have drush commands, you may need to specify a user on the command line to get the correct permissions. Older versions of node_export module had this issue, and the drush command needed is:

drush --user=1 node-export
Simon Lindsay Mon, 07/01/2013 - 13:24

Speed up loading Drupal database into mysql

I've developed a little script over the years that dumps production databases, and loads them locally on demand, and its been very handy.

However, it was taking ages to load a database on a Virtualbox ubuntu environment I use for debugging with Zend.

A quick look into it, and I found that i'd put


on the mysqldump command sometime in the past.

I changed that to

--add-locks --extended-insert

and the loading has gone from over 12 hours (I was asleep, not waiting for it ;-) down to 30 minutes.


New CCK module to accept signatures on *Pad devices

With all the new *Pad style devices coming out now, I wanted to be able to get signoff by customers on the spot using a signature for quotes, jobs etc in our drupal based ERP system.

This module facilitates that by allowing creation of a CCK field which accepts input via mouse, finger, stylus or anything that can draw on the screen.

You can grab the cck module here:

or try it out for yourself here:

Getting twitter<->drupal integration going again

With luck, this will get twitter posts working again from my Drupal site. If your twitter module has stopped working, this guide helped me get it going again.…

Simon Lindsay Thu, 11/04/2010 - 16:35

Yay, got adsense & analytics working together again!

For about a month, the adsense clicks and impressions have stopped showing up in my google account, and its been driving me batty tryig to figure out what it was.

I finally found it last night, a tiny setting in the drupal google analytics module in advanced settings where is says "Track AdSense ads - If checked, your AdSense ads will be tracked in your Google Analytics account."