Creating components with Drupal

When you make a few Drupal sites, you will eventually find that you want to be able to take a feature that you created on one site and move it across to another site. After all, why re-invent the wheel!

My procedure for doing this has changed over time, using the features module was the way with Drupal 6 and Drupal 7, but with Drupal 8, we have better configuration management, and modules to help make things easier.

Features is again one of the modules that can be used, but I prefer a lighter approach, though its perhaps a little more work.

ssh agent forwarding on osx via ssh gotcha

With Docker Desktop for Mac, its finally possible to forward the ssh agents from the host through to a container. Wooohooo.

But. If you are accessing the Mac itself via ssh, then any ssh identities that are forwarded cannot be forwarded into the container.

Eg, I was on Linux, ssh'ing to the mac and trying to bring up the docker containers with the identity. It doesn't work, couldn't get the identities to come through.

Drupal 9 install not importing modules optional configuration

I had an issue with running site-install on a Drupal 9 site where the exported views in the config/optional directory were not being imported.

After some diagnosis, the reason is that there was a change and now the optional config is imported before the install profile is activated - See change record -

My problem was there were user roles in the config/install of the profile that the exported views depended on.

Get chromium back on Ubuntu without having to use the snap

With Ubuntu 19.10, they moved Chromium from a .deb to a snap install only.

This makes browser startup times much slower and causes weird effects when saving files, and basically made me stop using Chromium as a consequence :-(

Today I found this article which gave the info on how to switch back to a .deb installed chromium and get back to normal.