Multiple RDP Sessions on Vista Business x64

Recently I looked into using a ncomputing device to provide mult user capabilites to a slightly up-spec PC (i7 with 6GB Ram), but I found that the ncomputing devices dont support either Vista or event Windows XP 64, meaning that the ncomputing can't be used on any more advanced Windows XP workstation than simple XP Pro 32bit.

So I looked around, and found a hack to allow Multiple RDP Access on Vista Business 64 on this page -

A couple of extra things I found are:

Wind turbine active!


Peter and Gordon from the Solar Shop in South Australia  (and their wives) spent a couple of hours today connecting up the regulator and the turbine into our system today, so we're now fully juiced! 


Check it out! ;-) There is actually a slight turbine whine as it ramps up, but you can't hear it over the wind on the camera, and in person, its barely audible unless standing quite close to the turbine.


Yay, got adsense & analytics working together again!

For about a month, the adsense clicks and impressions have stopped showing up in my google account, and its been driving me batty tryig to figure out what it was.

I finally found it last night, a tiny setting in the drupal google analytics module in advanced settings where is says "Track AdSense ads - If checked, your AdSense ads will be tracked in your Google Analytics account."