Moved in!

Probably not the most fun long weekend i've had, but we are now moved into our new house. Have a couple of kitchen fixes going on today/tomorrow, then we move in the fridge/freezer and can call it totally moved, but we're sleeping in new bedrooms.




The other morning, there was a Kangaroo on our block.

Deb took some pictures, Shelby chased it (last pic).

It hopped right across the property!

Shop updates

Spending today knocking a hole in the wall between the shop and the shop next door.

Sneak peak of the inside in the second pic.

Simon Lindsay Tue, 09/22/2009 - 12:19

Bloody Telemarketers!

Just had a call centre guy from "Telko" - - I guess it was.

Very persistent with the "We can save on your local, long distance, you name it calls".

When will these sort of companies get a clue.

I can only guess that the profits from selling telephony services must be obscene for the sheer amount of these that we get.

I'm tempted to just say "yes" to all of them, and churn, churn, churn for a lark. Maybe not with the business line, however.

Anyway, dont give them the time of day!

Monitor per station traffic on local LAN


Ever wonder what traffic is eating up all your downloads?

If you have a linux server, you can install a couple of tools to do this.

I initially found vnstat - but it doesn't do per ip, so thats no good.

Next I found ntop - but it looks quite complicated

I decided to use darkstat -

It was dead simple to install, has a built in web interface, and works a treat, and uses absolutely minimal cpu.