Chook/dog cage

Well, it will be for the dogs to start with, chooks down the track. Its big enough to split in two if we have to ;-)

Attached pics show progress. Most happened in the last two days.

Just a couple more sheets of iron to attach tomorrow, and make the door latch properly, then its done.

The insulation fairy visits!
Some more progress pictures. Plumbers back soon, then Electrician returns and it will be livable.
Simon Lindsay
Solar & Wind powered house

Well, the house part is still a way off, but the Shed now has power!

As you can see from the pics, we started some time ago, as the first pictures show, and this week, the Solar Panels & Generator were finally installed.

The Wind Turbine base is the large concrete base, and is still another 28 days  away. The Concrete needs to set that much!

Simon Lindsay