Quickly watch the GitHub run that you just pushed from the command line


The Github tools are cool, but mostly I just wanted a quicker way to confirm that my jobs had run successfully, rather than go to the web browser.

It was pretty easy to construct a command to make it a one liner, but first, the github cli tools need to be installed, and the jq utility.

Once thats setup when a git push has just been done, then this command should automatically watch the job.

List of files changed within a range of svn revisions

Today i needed to get a list of files changed within a certain range of svn commits for ftp'ing across to a server and knocked up a quick bash script to do it. Maybe it will help someone else in the future.

for i in `seq 7 30`; do svn log -v -r $i | grep \/ | cut -d' ' -f5; done | sort | uniq -c


Which roughly breaks down to: