Recently I looked into using a ncomputing device to provide mult user capabilites to a slightly up-spec PC (i7 with 6GB Ram), but I found that the ncomputing devices dont support either Vista or event Windows XP 64, meaning that the ncomputing can't be used on any more advanced Windows XP workstation than simple XP Pro 32bit.

So I looked around, and found a hack to allow Multiple RDP Access on Vista Business 64 on this page -

A couple of extra things I found are:

  • Disable UAC in Vista before trying to run the batch files in the .zips
  • Set the mouse cursor theme to "None" and Shadow off if the mouse cursor looks funny when RDP'ing into Vista.

With these tweaks, this makes your Windows Vista Business x64 machine into a quite nice terminal server.

I've attached the files to this page as well for convenience, and for reference, other alternatives are:

  • XP Unlimited -
  • nComputing -

Of course the ncomputing box only supports its own protocol, so I had to get a HP Thinstation instead, but that works a treat.

Now, what can I do with a spare ncomputing L230....