These are links to some of the software I've developed in the past. Feel free to use them as you like.


Reverse engineered implementation of a front end for the mnogosearch engine, based on looking at the C code and database. Afterwards, one of their developers let me know they had done it this way in previous versions.

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Early on I used phpbb2 for the site, but wanted to synchronise with nntp newsgroups. Using some vbulletin code for inspiration, I modified it to work with phpbb2. Since then, a php only version has been developed by another developer. This would be my recommended solution.

Also in this directory is a perl based nntp server I wrote to allow nntp clients to access phpbb2 directlty.

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Before RSS feeds became quite so common, I wrote a html2rss converter that used regular expressions to parse news headlines directly from html. It should be obvious from the files included that a lot of the utilitiy code is based on early drupal.

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Before erp, I tried to use Quickbooks in conjunction with oscommerce to get a shopping cart online. Ultimately quickbooks stock managment killed this idea, but in the meantime I developed a way using qodbc and a perl script to extract items from quickbooks and import them into oscommerce.

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