Wall cladding

Started cladding the walls of one bedroom today, did all the outside, except for the bit where the door is going. Doors arrive this week, so should be able to put them in next weekend.

Plumbing should be this/next week, electrical shortly as well for some powerpoints and lights.

Wall building in the shed

Having a couple of weeks off at the moment to build out the walls in the Shed where we'll be living while the house is built. This is some pics of the work so far. Since these, we've jioned the walls to the shed directly, which straightens things up a bit. The plumber is coming end of this week. No, its not "Joe the plumber".. ;-)

Solar & Wind powered house

Well, the house part is still a way off, but the Shed now has power!

As you can see from the pics, we started some time ago, as the first pictures show, and this week, the Solar Panels & Generator were finally installed.

The Wind Turbine base is the large concrete base, and is still another 28 days  away. The Concrete needs to set that much!


Got myself a nice little Brumby ute some time back, pics attached