Wondering if you got all instances of SA-CORE-2014-005 patched?

Assuming you have locate installed/setup:

locate database.inc | grep "database/database.inc" | xargs grep "\$data "

Will output any copies of database.inc that are not patched.

Simon Lindsay Fri, 10/17/2014 - 08:54
DOMDocument, DOMXPath and invalid html

I've been doing some work with DOMDocument and DOMXPath to parse webpages recently, and even though I could get the XPath directly from Firefox or Chrome, it would not match in the $xpath->query();

What I found is that the $dom->LoadHTML($page); will handle invalid HTML, but mostly just by stripping it out.

This is fine, unless you depend on the structure for the XPath query.

Simon Lindsay Sat, 05/10/2014 - 09:13
Run drush as a specific user?

Some contrib modules have drush commands, you may need to specify a user on the command line to get the correct permissions. Older versions of node_export module had this issue, and the drush command needed is:

drush --user=1 node-export
Simon Lindsay Mon, 07/01/2013 - 13:24

Speed up loading Drupal database into mysql

I've developed a little script over the years that dumps production databases, and loads them locally on demand, and its been very handy.

However, it was taking ages to load a database on a Virtualbox ubuntu environment I use for debugging with Zend.

A quick look into it, and I found that i'd put


on the mysqldump command sometime in the past.

I changed that to

--add-locks --extended-insert

and the loading has gone from over 12 hours (I was asleep, not waiting for it ;-) down to 30 minutes.


New CCK module to accept signatures on *Pad devices

With all the new *Pad style devices coming out now, I wanted to be able to get signoff by customers on the spot using a signature for quotes, jobs etc in our drupal based ERP system.

This module facilitates that by allowing creation of a CCK field which accepts input via mouse, finger, stylus or anything that can draw on the screen.

You can grab the cck module here:


or try it out for yourself here:


Yay, got adsense & analytics working together again!

For about a month, the adsense clicks and impressions have stopped showing up in my google account, and its been driving me batty tryig to figure out what it was.

I finally found it last night, a tiny setting in the drupal google analytics module in advanced settings where is says "Track AdSense ads - If checked, your AdSense ads will be tracked in your Google Analytics account."