Why do they have to mess with window decorations? You know, the title bars, close, minimise buttons etc.

Microsoft must spend millions making things look pretty, then people making software for Windows go and screw it up.

Why bother overriding the Window decorations from the standard windows default.

Don't pretend it makes your software "sexier". It doesn't.

When i'm uninstalling ancient Nortons from Windows XP that has "Vista" style window decorations, i'm not fooled, same as I wasn't when its new. I can't name them, but I know other software does this as well.

Google Chrome is one of them. I'm running it on linux, and it defaults to looking like Vista/Win 7. Whats that about? Just use standard windows decorations people, sheesh.

And lets not get into what happens when these programs have problems, then you get to see weird mixups of both old style and new style decorations as the program crashes.


</end rant>