Got into the office this morning, and the core vmware host server is down, the mirror for the boot drive barfed at around 60% when synchronising after a power failure.

Oh well, thats what mirroring is for after all, disconnected it and rebooted. nothing. no Grub nada. After running around getting a boot disk organised, making sure grub was installed etc, it STILL didn't work.


After a bit more hair tearing, I realised the BIOS had promoted the wrong drive when i removed the dud one. Doh. Of course the data drives dont have grub on them at all.

Swapped it around, and yep, now she's all back. Phew.

Slotted another WD Raptor into place for the failed drive and used mdadm to start re-synching.

Put the failed drive on a windows machine and loaded the WD diagnostics and sure enough, lots of bad sectors.

The funny thing is, the power went out at least twice overnight, and I had seen ZERO sign of trouble beforehand.

Anybody else had power failure cause a drive to fail?