MS Teams has been adopted all over, but on Linux, they have annoyingly decided to not provide the default Window decorations, so Its not possible to right click, and enable 'Always on Visible Workspace' which is something I like to have on.

OOhhh, found a different way, hold down the ALT key and right click on the teams title bar and the popup has 'Always on Visible Workspace' as an option.

Window Decorations can be manipulated in a few ways, the easiest I found was to install devilspie2 and then a small script to re-activate the window decorations. Note that you should always read script contents before running them, and the script in this gist is no different.

apt-get install devilspie2
mkdir -p .config/devilspie2
wget -q -O .config/devilspie2/msteams.lua
devilspie2 -d

Running with -d to start with allows confirmation that it found the script and will take the actions, but is probably not how you want to run things long term, thats more likely to be by adding something like this on Stack Exchange.

But that didn't work, and I'm using devilspie2, sooo a bit more googling returned a systemd based solution on the archlinux forums, which when updated to devilspie2 ends up being to paste this into a terminal:

mkdir -p ~/.config/systemd/user/
echo "[Unit]


[Install]" > ~/.config/systemd/user/devilspie.service
systemctl --user enable devilspie
systemctl --user start devilspie

And that appears to work a treat and feels nicer as well.